Privacy Policy

Saving Information

  • We collect your personal information, and this information is added by you, and this information that you provide to us will be used for some of your requirements.

Distribution of information to the official authorities

  • We certainly cooperate with all government agencies and major companies specialized in preventing fraud and deception, and we believe that everything we offer does not violate the policy of the agreed countries, and we allow that according to the law available in each country, and we try to prevent and defend against any process that violates the law or It contains features of fraud and deception, and we disclose any violations that have already occurred and provide the information to the competent authorities, and certainly this information will not be presented as marketing or otherwise. This is only a policy followed by official authorities only with supporting documents that require this.

Information Security

  • Your information will remain in safe hands. Only employees and management who have agreed to keep this information safe and confidential are the only ones who have the ability to access this information and all our emails and newsletters. You have the right to refuse to receive them completely.

Last Update: January 1, 2021

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